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You have an Android based device, and you have pictures stored in it. If you like to show off your phone to people but don't want them to see all the pictures in it, this is the application for you. With this application, you can password protect pictures. Other people won't even know these pictures exist. It can also slide show your private protected pictures.

PhotoVault also comes with a "Public" Mode, which, if set, will disguise PhotoVault like a normal Gallery app.

We are actively working on this product, more features will be added to the existing great feature set.

PhotoVault should work on all android based devices. If you have trouble using it, feel free to contact us.

Available in both Android Market and Amazon app store for $1.50. Upgrades are free of charge.

Please check out FAQs to see the list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Please submit feature requests and bug reports through here. Ideas for new features are welcome.

Thanks for choosing PhotoVault. Check back for other applications for Android, iPhone and windows.

PhotoVault PhotoVault PhotoVault PhotoVault PhotoVault

PhotoVault PhotoVault PhotoVault PhotoVault PhotoVault

Change Logs:

  • Version 5.0.2:
  • Version 4.3.0:
    • - Added support for hiding all formats of pictures from File Explorer directly. Just select the files need to be hidden and then choose share, then pick PhotoVault.
  • Version 4.2.4:
    • - Remove app from Recent app list in ICS or later android version.
      - Fixed hiding issue for Sony tablet and Cyanogenmod Rom.
  • Version 4.2.3:
    • - Fixed force close issue on JellyBean.
      - Fixed the issue that on Razr Maxx, move private pictures to folders fails.
      - Changed icon resolution. So, on a higher resolution screen, the icon will be clearer.
  • Version 4.2.2:
    • - Automatic regenerate better quality thumbnails to have a better viewing experience.
      - If you get 4.1 Jellybean update and if your private files can't be found, please run menu->Tools->"Rescue Missing Private Files".
  • Version 4.2.1:
    • - PhotoVault got ICS Gallery look. To get a better look, please regenerate all thumbnails by going to menu->Tools->"Regenerate all Thumbnails"
      - Fixed on some devices, when unhide, the picture won't be added back to Gallery.
  • Version 4.1.9:
    • - Share (hide) media files from Gallery and from file manager app directly
      - Added support Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Version 4.1.6:
    • - Rename private files feature is added. When in list view, click on the private file name to rename
      - Fixed sorting issue
      - Fixed on some devices, hiding the whole folder doesn't work
  • Version 4.1.2:
    • - Added list view to PhotoVault (can change view at the settings)
      - Fixed Picture orientation problem for android 2.0 or later devices.
      - Improved rotate picture for android 2.0 or later devices.
  • Version 4.0.9:
    • - Major database upgrade. Please upgrade database to see old private pictures
  • Version 3.1.19:
    • - Added SlideShow speed control. Go to menu->Tools->Settings to change the speed
      - Added Chinese Language support
      - PhotoVault supports all android devices on the market
  • Version 3.1.17:
    • - Bug fixes.
  • Version 3.1.14:
    • - Double tap on picture to max zoom the picture, then double tab again to restore to original size.
  • Version 3.1.12:
    • - "Pinch and zoom" feature is added.
      - When picture size is small, view it always show the full screen size.
      - Added support for a couple of new tablets.
  • Version 3.1.3:
    • - Added support for Asus and Acer tablets.
      - PhotoVault should work for all android devices on the market now
  • Version 3.1.1:
    • - Fixed on tablets, can't switch from public mode to private mode.
      - Fixed, sometimes sharing from private tab fails.
      - Added Select All option when in multi-select mode.
      - Added support for several new Androids (PhotoVault should work for all android devices on the market now)
  • Version 3.0.5:
    • - Fixed picture thumbnails doubled after hiding or unhiding picture.
  • Version 3.0.4:
    • - "Rescue Missing Private Pictures" addes private pictures back to Private tab automatically.
  • Version 3.0.3:
    • - Added settings to enable/disable folders.
  • Version 3.0:
    • - Folder support is added.
      - Suppots all the android based devices on the market.
  • Version 2.22:
    • - App can be installed on sdcard.
      - Supports Atrix now.
      - Folder support is due in two weeks.
  • Version 2.19:
    • - Increased loading speed.
      - Fixed recreate thumbnail issue.
      - Some bug fixes.


  • Q: How to use this application (PhotoVault, VideoVault or MediaVault)?
    • A: On your Android based phone, click on "Menu" and then "Help", you can find instructions about how to use that particular interface.
  • Q: It force closes, what happened?
    • A: The current version should not have force close issues. If you are still having problems, please contact us.
  • Q: I clicked on home and then restart the application, I get to my private view directly, what should I do?
    • A: By design, home button will pause the application, it doesn't kill the application. Please use back button or menu->quit to quit.
  • Q: After I hide some videos I downloaded from Internet, I can't play them on the private side. Why? And how to fix it?
    • A: On some phones, after video (not recorded by the phone) is hidden, it can't be played back anymore. But there are several free third party players available at the Market, download and install a couple and when you click on the video thumbnail, a dialog box will pop up asking which player to pick. You can try them to see if they work and if you like them. When you find one which works for you, you can set it as default, then when you want to playback private vidoes, the new player will be used automatically.
  • Q: My private files are missing, what should I do?
    • A: Install the latest update and log in to the application, click on Menu->Tools->Rescue Missing Private Files, follow the steps and you will rescue them back to Private View.
  • Q: What's the correct steps to uninstall this application?
    • A: Please make sure there are no files in Private View before uninstall. Otherwise, these files will stay "hidden", and you need to install this application back to view them.
  • Q: What is Public Mode?
    • A: Public Mode adds discretion to the app. By setting to Public Mode, when people ask you what this application is, you can say it is just another gallery viewer.
      Here is why, If this application is set in Public mode, when you start it, it will not ask for password. It will show your public view automatically. If you want to hide/unhide or view your private files, you need to click on "Menu" and then choose "Change Mode" to enter password.
  • Q: How to use Multi-select to Hide or Unhide or Delete?
    • A: After this application is loaded, click on "Menu" and then choose "Multi-Select", you can select as many files as you want. Then click "Menu" and then you can hide, unhide or delete selected media files.
  • Q: How to use folders? Can I disable it?
    • A: You can hide/unhide the whole folder if you long click on the folder icon. You can disable folders by going to menu->Tools->Settings
  • Q: How to create new folder? How to delete folder and how to rename folder.
    • A:When you are in the private tab, and multi-select one or more media files, click on menu->Move or Move icon, a folder list will show up. If you choose the first one "Create new folder", all selected files will be added into the new folder. When you move everything out of a folder, the folder will be deleted automatically. Rename folder is tricky, you can select everything in the current folder, move it to a new folder with the desired name, the old folder will be deleted and new folder will be created, just like rename.
  • Q: I lost some private files, I might deleted them by mistake, what should I do?
    • A:If you tried menu->Tools->"Rescue Missing Private Files" and you still can't find them, there are ways which might be able to recover your files. Check out this "undelete" document, this might be able to help you.
  • Q: What should I do if I want to change to a new phone?
    • A:You might need a computer to do this.

      1). Your old phone might have internal memory, if you do, connect your old phone to a computer, mount the storage, check if you have folders /data/PhotoVault, /data/VideoVault and /pssinc/Vault there, if yes, back them up to the computer.

      2). If you will move your sdcard to the new phone you can skip to step 3. If you will have a new sdcard, you need to move the same folders on your sdcard to a computer.

      3). Copy all those folders backed up to your computer to your new sdcard or new phone.

      4). Install this application back on your new phone or device, and then run menu->Tools->"Rescue Missing Private Files" to add your private files back to your app.
  • Q: What is Hidden Mode? How to use Hidden Mode?
    • A:Hidden Mode will hide app icons from device. It only works on devices which can place phone calls. Also, VaultLauncher app (free app) is required to hook up the Hidden Mode with Phone calls. VaultLauncher can be downloaded at Amazon app store and Google Play Store. When enabling hidden Mode, a security code (a 4 - 6 digits number) needs to be chosen. After downloading VaultLauncher and enabling Hidden Mode, restart your deivce, the icon will be removed from device. If need to launch app, just use device to call the security code, like making a phone call. App will be launched automatically. Also, if app needs to be updates, please disable Hidden Mode and then reboot the device before updating!