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Applications for mobile platforms like Android have exploded in popularity. According to the latest statistics, there are more than 4 billion mobile subscribers around the world and that number is growing rapidly. This popularity has created huge opportunities for companies to provide new services and products, and to engage with customers like never before.

There are different ways to enter the mobile platform domain, for example, mobile apps, direct SMS/MMS marketing and mobile-optimized websites. There is no doubt apps have one clear advantage: a well-designed app can provide a much better user experience.  Ease-of-use, stability and reliability are very important to mobile device users.

Mobile apps require unique design experiences targeted to mobile devices that have smaller screens and limited computing power. In addition, mobile apps need to be easy to interact with and highly responsive to user requests.

Pacific Software Solutions Inc. has been developing professional level software for several years now and has nearly three years of dedicated experience designing and developing mobile applications.

We already have several successful applications currently available.  Please check out our product page for more details.

We design and develop applications for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (all models) and Windows Phone 7.

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