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Forgotten Phone Description:

Forgotten Phone forwards missed call information and missed text messages (including MMS) to a preconfigured email address. It is the perfect solution when you are at work without your phone or for those times when you simply cannot find your phone. Forgotten Phone once remotely triggered forwards contact information and messages to the email account of your choice.

This is the most elegant and easy to use solution on the Market. For a limited time, Forgotten Phone will be sold for the introductory price of $1.


How To Use:

There are two notification types and three notifications states:

Notification Types:

Missed Call

You receive emails containing the time of call, caller phone number and, if available, caller name.

Text Messages

You receive emails containing time of message, sender phone number, and name (if available), text message content, and notice of an attachment. to avoid excessive charges; attachments are not forwarded in this version. This feature may be added later as a programmable feature.

Notification Status:


Notifications will always be forwarded to your email.


Notifications will not be forwarded until you receive two consecutive missed calls from the same number within five minutes. Once triggered, you will receive an email indicating this type of notification is enabled.


Notification will not be forwarded to your email and can not be remotely triggered.

You will configure each message status separately. For example, you can set Missed Call to Enable so that all missed calls result in an email while messages are in the Pending state waiting for consecutive message from the same person.

Change Logs:

  • Version 1.0.0:
    • - New Release